creative, inspirational and oh-so-Parisian photography project  

Paris et Moi  is a creative photography project about Paris and beautiful parisiennes, giving reasons to love the City of Light and making us finally admit that there could be no cure for Paris and all things French.


Paris et Moi  project is a creative collaboration of three Parisian artists — Elena Bouder, photographer (@elenabouder), Nastasia Yavorskaya, stylist (, and Lisa Rasoumovskaia, make-up and hair artist (@bb_rasoumovskaia), who love Paris to the Moon and to Saturn and share their love through photo stories filled with Parisian vibes.  


Started as an Instagram's creative adventure under the hashtag #parisetmoiphotoproject Paris et Moi  ​has turned into a visual love ode to Paris with seven lifestyle and fashion stories of charming Parisian girls, sharing their thoughts on why Paris is always a good idea in response to a question: “Why Paris has a piece of your heart?” 



"Paris is Saint Germain, le café de Flore, the french touch that I love and the place where I love to meet with my friends.

As an actress and writer, I get to be inspired by Paris every single day. Walking my dog out, taking a coffee to go at Place Maubert or at Shakespeare’s cafe. Or just working on my Parisian terrace facing Notre Dame. I feel really blessed to be able to work and express my art from home."

Clothing brands featured in the story:

Jacket: @lajaquette_official


Pants: @maisonlemoine

Bag and bijoux: @basile_paris



“Paris has my heart for a lot of reasons. Since my earliest childhood, I love fashion, art, cinema, museums, theatres, opera, ballets, but also long walks, constantly discovering new things and above all I love meeting new people.

Paris brings together all these things through its diversity and culture. There are always new things to do and discover and I meet interesting people everyday. I never feel bored in this city and since I arrived in Paris (12 years ago from now), I feel at home there, as if this city has always been made for me.

Paris brings everything I love together and that's how this city captured a part of my heart.

I myself am a little piece of the soul that makes Paris what it is."

Clothing brands featured in the story:

Pants: @nathaliedumeix

Blouse and gilet:

Gants: @thomasinegloves

Bag: @katelee




“Paris has a piece of my heart because it's the city of my first young girl dreams about my future self as a woman. We used to have tea time at saint germain des près with my mother every Sunday afternoon and have walks on les quais de Seine and window shopping our favorite art shops.” 

Clothing brands featured in the story:


Blazer: @lajaquette

Bijoux: @bijouxdenatasha

Bag: @leoetviolette

Shoes: @junybreezevintage



“I was born In Paris but raised in the South of France and I never supported to be far away of Paris. I can remember how much I cried when my parents decide to leave the city and I did everything to come back.

My relation with Paris is really complicated, sometimes I hate her and sometimes we’re in love. It’s a toxic relationship.

When I walk in the Paris streets I feel like I can do anything, I’m a beautiful working girl, strong, powerful, everything can happen. The world is mine.

But living in Paris is also difficult, everything is expensive, finding love is not like in movies, and everything can becoming sad quickly. The fact is that it’s physically impossible to me to quit my city. I just have to look to the buildings to be Happy and peaceful.

Paris is a movie, the movie that I choose to live , Paris has my entire heart.”

Clothing brands featured in the story:

Dress: maisonlemoine

Voilette: dilaralatrous

Bijoux: bananza

Sac: katelee

Gants: thomasinegloves



“Des lumières qui se fondent, Et des amants de passage

Coeurs perdus dans des gares, Qui se retrouvent. 

Des destins qui se croisent, Pour des bonheurs métissés

Ici j'oublie mes peines, Paris vaut toutes les scenes,

Toujours la même,

Paris choisie,

Paris je t'aime”

Clothing brands featured in the story:

Dress and trench coat by @gaalaparis 



“There’s just something about Paris - from the rooftops, to the bridges, to the Seine, Paris is a movie set, and in particular, Île Saint-Louis is my movie set. 

That little island, in the centre of the bustling city that I hold so dear, is always a quiet place of respite for me, where I wander from boulangerie, to quiet little shop and back again, and pretend to be the protagonist of my own little Parisian story.

Paris is this city-sized monument to time and love and art, comprised of cobbled streets, boutiques, Haussmann buildings, crêperies … and this little island is like a distilled version of that.

The smaller, less popular sister of the famous Île-de-la-cité, the magic of this microcosm is immeasurable.”

Clothing brands featured in the story:


Skirt: @nathaliedumeix

Bag: @poleneparis

Shoes: @jonak

Gants: @thomasinegloves


Fluffy Loulou @gris_lou also participated in the story 



“Paris has a piece of my heart, because it is more than just a city! It has a culture on its own, an atmosphere and a history that can be felt anywhere”

Clothing brands featured in the story:

Blazer: @dresstodrama 

T-shirt: @ipsilonparis 

Shoes + bag: @garriceparis 


City bike @veligo_loc and City scooter @lime + @uber also participated in the story