What my clients say about me and my work


Elena was wonderful! She went out of her way to get me out of my awkward posing. By the end, I was so happy with the amount of photos she’d taken. She doesn’t just send you 20 – she sends ALL of them. She takes her time.

Walking around with her felt like I was with a friend and not just a professional photographer.

Book her — you won’t regret it!


Incredibly lovely to work with!

Elena was incredibly lovely to work with and able to capture some really beautiful and candid shots of me during our shoot.


I recommend Elena with wholeheartedly!

Elena immediately radiated warmth as she got to know me; her enthusiasm and creativity inspired me; I felt reassured and confident as the photography session progressed. She already had a repertoire of ideas and sites in her neighborhood of Montmartre, and as we went along, she came up with new visual ideas. Elena clearly loves Paris and loves people. For unique shots to document you in a natural way, with images where you personality shines thru; as well as creative and different photos one might need for Instagram or just a souvenir of your time in Paris, I recommend Elena with wholeheartedly.


Спасибо огромное за деликатный подход и за твое мастерство!

Фотосессия с Еленой прошла в очень дружественной и приятной атмосфере. Елена индивидуально подходит к тем, кого она снимает. Ее взгляд и ракурс на казалось бы обычные вещи поражают и превращают обычное в восхитительно волшебное.

С ней очень легко почувствовать себя парижанкой и погрузиться во флер французских улиц. Мне съёмка доставила удовольствие, несмотря на погоду и ветер. Спасибо огромное за деликатный подход и за твое мастерство.


Ты большая молодец! А твои фотографии чудесные!

Спасибо большое! Я посмотрела фотографии и кричу от восторга! 


Я в восторге!

Я в восторге от кадров! Живые и яркие!

Даша, How You Met Daria Blog

Thank you so much!

We really enjoyed our photos and everything about the shoot. Thank you so much for shooting with us!


Твои фотографии волшебные!

С тобой просто прекрасно работать! Я после съемки такая счастливая была! Все так красиво!


I’m absolutely obsessed with the pictures !

Elena was wonderful beginning to end of the photoshoot! She really got me out of my shell and encouraged me with kind words as I’m not used to a shoot setup and constantly checked up on my well being (if I’m cold etc).

She has a beautiful perspective on photographing people and knows when her shots will be perfect.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I’m obsessed with the pictures. 100% recommend!


Elena was great!

I decided to book a shoot late the night before leaving Paris. Elena responded to my message right away and we shot early the next morning. She was punctual and so sweet to work with and I love my pictures.



Отличная фотосессия! Спасибо! 

Даниэль и Лиза

Thank you!

​Absolutely loved shooting with Elena and the photos are magnificent!

January Diaries Blog

Ты правда чудо!

Фото просто очень крутые! И их так много!

Я тебе безумно благодарна за работу, за скорость, за качество, за помощь, за всё, всё, всё!

Спасибо тебе большое!

Оля, La tendresse Homewear 

You are perfect!

Обалденные фотографии! Все шедевры!

Oh! This photoshoot is perfect! 

Sacha & Jura

Самые атмосферные фотографии!

Спасибо за самые атмосферные фотографии! У нас получилось столько красивых кадров, что мне потребовалось немало времени и терпения, чтобы выбрать (для публикации).